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Top 5 Reasons for Social Security Disability Claim Denials

Out of the millions of Social Security disability claims received by the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) each year, only around thirty percent are initially approved. Although every situation is unique, there are a handful of common issues that the SSA sees time and time again that lead to denials. If you suffer from a disability and would like to apply for Social Security disability benefits, it’s important for you to understand the reason for these denials. In this article, we discuss the top 5 reasons for Social Security disability claim denials

Reason #1: Lack of Evidence

If you want to qualify for disability benefits, you must demonstrate that you are unable to work due to your condition. In order to prove this, you must submit medical evidence. Many Social Security disability applicants fail to do this. Not only must the evidence demonstrate that you suffer from a disability, but it must also show that your disability has interfered with your ability to work. The most important evidence you can submit is documentation kept by your primary care physician. 

Reason #2: Previous Denials

Many people erroneously believe that filing a new disability claim is a better alternative than appealing a denied claim. This isn’t true. In many situations, a previous denial will result in the denial of a new claim. Therefore, if your initial claim is denied, you should appeal the denial with the assistance of a Texas SSDI and SSI attorney.

Reason #3: Income

If you are applying for Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”), you will be denied if you make too much money. On the other hand, your income isn’t a factor when you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (“SSDI”).  

Reason #4: Failure to Follow Your Treatment Plan

If you fail to follow the treatment plan prescribed by your physician, the SSA will deny your claim. The reason for this is simple: unless you follow your treatment plan, the SSA will be unable to determine whether or not your condition actually prevents you from working. 

Reason #5: Failure to Cooperate with the SSA 

Finally, regardless of how you feel about the people handling your Social Security Disability claim, it’s always a good idea to cooperate with them during the application process. If you fail to provide the SSA with requested documentation or fail to attend scheduled medical exams, your claim will almost certainly be denied. 

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