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Jon Sipes, Attorney-at-Law regularly helps disabled individuals with applying for disability benefits in El Paso, Midland, Odessa, Amarillo, Lubbock, and all communities in between. He is well-versed in the eligibility requirements for disability benefits and knows how to navigate the Social Security system. Given that nearly two-thirds of initial benefits claims are denied, often due to errors or omissions in the application, it is crucial to have the objective insights, advice, and guidance Jon Sipes provides.

Jon Sipes leverages his long-term relationships with disability examiners to make sure his clients’ claims are handled expediently. Working with a disability lawyer who is seen as an honest broker who only handles legitimate claims can mean the difference between having your claim denied and obtaining the benefits you need and deserve. When you become his client, you will have peace of mind knowing that Jon Sipes is on your side.

How do I obtain disability benefits in El Paso or other Texas Communities?

To obtain disability benefits in Texas, you must submit an application with the local Social Security field office in person, by mail, or online. Regardless of which option you choose, it helps to have an experienced disability lawyer assist you with the application process.

More than 60 percent of initial claims are denied, often for technical reasons, so you want to make sure your application is thorough and accurate. Information that must be provided in an initial disability benefits claim includes:

  • Social Security Number
  • Birth certificate
  • Contact information of doctors
  • Names and dosages of prescription medications
  • Detailed work history

The application also comes with many forms that need to be completed. One of these is a questionnaire about how your medical condition affects daily activities. Additionally, your application must include a detailed medical record provided by your doctor. Information such as exam histories, doctor’s notes, surgeries performed, medications prescribed, and other treatments will serve as important evidence in support of your claim.

Ultimately, the medical evidence must demonstrate that you are unable to perform any substantial gainful activity (SGA). In the end, determining whether you meet the SGA and other requirements of obtaining disability benefits requires the guidance of an experienced disability lawyer.

The Disability Claims Evaluation

After your claim is submitted, it will be reviewed by a disability examiner. The criteria are different for the disability programs offered by Social Security. If you are seeking benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program, for example, you need to have enough work credits. If you do, your claim will be sent to Disability Determination Services (DDS) for further review of the medical record.

The Disability Determination Services Review

DDS will thoroughly review the information, particularly the medical record, submitted with your benefits claim. While Social Security has a list of qualifying impairments (the Blue Book) you may also be eligible for a condition that is not listed but is medically equivalent to a listed impairment.

The role of DDS is to determine whether you can do the same type of work you did before your illness or injury. If not, the DDS will consider whether you can be retrained to do some other type of work. In the end, you need to show that your medical condition is expected to last one year or result in death to be eligible for disability benefits.

You should know that you will likely be required to have a consultative exam (CE) with a doctor chosen by Social Security as part of the review process. It is important to have your disability lawyer accompany you to this exam to make sure your rights are protected. The results of the CE may be a deciding factor in your benefits claim, and this is where having a strong medical record really matters.

When your benefits claim is approved, you will receive a letter from DDS informing you of the monthly benefit amount and the payment schedule. Because a disability claim can take several months, if not longer depending on whether an appeal is necessary, the benefits may be retroactive. If your claim is denied, however, you will be notified of your right to a disability appeal. Working with an experienced disability lawyer through the appeals process increases the likelihood of getting the benefits you deserve.

Contact Our El Paso Disability Attorney For Help Applying For Your Benefits

When you consult with Jon Sipes, Attorney-at-Law, he will take the time to understand your concerns and work to help you meet all your future medical and financial needs. While navigating the disability claims process is complicated, he has the knowledge, skills and experience to handle your claim professionally and with the personal attention it deserves while you are applying for benefits.

Jon Sipes will encourage your participation in your benefits claim and he is readily available to respond to your questions and concerns. In addition, he will work collaboratively with your doctor to develop a medical record that supports your claim. Above all, Jon Sipes will treat you with dignity and respect, and provide you with informed representation when you need it most. You will not pay any attorneys’ fees until he wins benefits for you. Please contact our office today for a free evaluation of your case.

Jon Sipes helps clients with applying for disability benefits throughout Texas including El Paso, Alpine, Amarillo, Lubbock, Marfa, Midland, and Odessa.

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